Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The purpose, the way and the means...

This past weekend, Pastor Art was invited to come teach and play some music at an event out on the reservation where musicians, songwriters, preachers, teachers and dancers were gathering to address the many facets of worship from a uniquely Navajo point of view.
There was more teaching then anything else, and the Holy Spirit was working through the two days, in such a way, that the same verses kept coming up again and again. Genesis 1, Genesis 11, 2 Samual 6, Acts 17.
True worship glorifies God.
Not, you've been taught wrong, just you've not been taught enough.
Among other things, it was a sweet time of fellowship and confirmation.
Sunday morning we went to another event on the reservation, sponsered by Four Corners Community Church, featuring Robin Mark - a song writer, worship leader from Belfast Ireland.
This too was all about Worship - what's it all about? Worship! And God judges man's worship by his heart.
It was one of those times, where one just has to let out a deep, satisfied sigh and pray...OK Lord, now what?
This whole weekend has made us more excited and more determined to see the ministry take off. Gateway of the Rock at Rocky's Roost.
Rocky's Roost is a donut shop that also sells the best beef jerky this side of the Mississippi. It is open from 6:00am to 2:00 pm, Monday thru Saturday. It is a branch of a place that is about to go out of business. Business is not that good in this little shop, but to God's Glory, that will change soon.
Through Gateway of the Rock - a ministry of Open Bible Standard Churches, the shop will extend it's hours. Through the ministry, regular coffee and ice tea will always be free, although specialty coffees will also be available at a price. Christian Music will be playing, there will ba a consignment shop of local artists' wares. There will be evening Bible Studies, and a Sunday morning Worship and Word service. On Saturdays, as long as weather permits, there will be a fiesta of sorts in the parking lot, with live music, stands selling crafts, and jerky and salsa, fry bread, etc. At least, that is the plan as it is unfolding. We will stick to the mission statement and most of the goals stated in the post below. Some of the goals will have to be adjusted because the building is smaller than the one we were looking at. God bless Jim and Linda who currently have the business, and are willing to let us join with them in this venture.
in His Service


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