Monday, May 08, 2006

May 8, 2006

The trip to South Dakota was relaxing and refreshing.
As we write this update we notice that we have 911 hits on this page. That is about 60 more than when we sent out an email blitz concerning our newest "vision" requesting prayer and input.
60 readers but only 3 comments all together.
Lack of interest? Lack of support? Wait and See?
And what did the LORD have to say about the future of Gateway of the Rock?
Procede as long as you can, until the door closes, and chronical the progress here on the blog page.
Having a ton of training in management, Maryellen is going to write up our mission statement and "smart" goals based on Isaiah 61. Art and another Open Bible Pastor were discussing spiritual gifts, the gift of administration came up, and Pastor Art patted Maryellen on the knee and said -
"God gave me the gift of administration, all wrapped up in a pretty package."
We'll see about that.


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