Monday, May 08, 2006

from Maryellen

As we were leaving the Four Corners we drove by the AIBM (American Indian Bible Ministries) complex. I have mentioned it many times here and on my own blog because it is where we started our Ministry adventure here in New Mexico. I have regretted - resented having to leave it when we did, and I have hoped, dreamed, imagined us going back and "restoring it" as per Isaiah 61. To rebuild the old ruins.
When we drove pass it two weeks ago, I noticed it was being restored. It looked better than it has in years. Without our help. And the Lord said I should send along a blessing to those who are still in ministry there, and acknowledge here that it is truly being used to the glory of God.
May the LORD greatly bless those, and all of the others who have a heart for this area and these people. May the LORD raise up leaders and prayer warriors among the people here. May those he calls to this place answer the call in a strong and courageous way, letting His Light shine brightly through them into the dark shadows of this dry and barren land, and may it come to Life to the glory of His name!.


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