Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 2006

Next week we are heading for South Dakota. Open Bible Annual Conference. Road Trip! We are going with faithful anticipation. We are going with ears and hearts open to what the LORD is going to say to us.

We looked at a building last week. It seems ideal for the Ministry we have in mind. Not another “church”. This area doesn’t really need another church.

It’s a place that we could “do church”. Sort of like the home fellowship we had a few years back, just not in our home, so there would be room to grow.

We see it as a sort of coffee house-souvenir shop-arts and crafts store-rest stop. Not a restaurant, but a place where a weary soul can find refreshment.

Not a money making venture, but an outlet for Christian artists in the area.

Tuesday night Bible Studies, Thursday night open mike, Friday night live local talent, Sunday morning Church followed by brunch-everyone welcome. Coffee and Tea always free.

Our Mission Statement?

Isaiah 61.

Preach good news to the poor and heal the broken hearted.

Maybe, by selling the local art (music and native crafts) we could afford to put Pastor Art back on the Radio – sort of combined outreach and advertisement. And Art would be there to offer coffee, prayer, and counsel to the weary souls that the Lord leads into the place.

Announce freedom to all captives and pardon all prisoners.

We know that part of our ministry needs to be to the “ex-cons”, the disenfranchised, the lepers of today that many other “churches” are afraid to touch. At least our gates will be open.

Comfort, Care, Joy…to take the rubble left behind and make it new.

We looked at a building – 6000 Sq. Ft on two fenced acres with an outside covered storage area perfect for outside activities…picnics, flea markets, tent meetings…

It comes with show cases in which we could display local art work. A section that could very easily be converted to a used book store. A large room with two beautiful murals on the walls, where we could put a raised platform for small concerts – shows. It could be used as a sanctuary, but we rather set up another area that would be more casual, for an emergent type, homey type fellowship. There is a lot of room.

The yard needs some landscaping. Maybe a youth group could come down on a “mission trip.” The building needs another bathroom. Maybe the denomination’s men's team could come down and do the work for us. But the real problem is, of course, money.

$1,800 p/m with first and last upfront, plus a $1000 deposit. Then there is insurance, taxes, permits, licenses, and maintenance. Pastor Art says, at least $15,000 to start – Maryellen thinks $10,000 would do it…but it might as well be $100,000.

So we’re thinking, there are maybe 10 adults that would get on board with us, if we really did this…but their finances are as limited as ours. We’ve come up with a list of 9 local artists that might be willing to sell their CD’s or art on consignment. I’m sure we could find more. We’re thinking we could/would put in $1000 a month of our own money for the first year or so atleast, and if we could generate a group of 180 people who would be willing to commit to sending $10.00 a month…we could do it…maybe…God Willing.

We are not ready to ask anyone for money…but we do ask you for your prayers, especially the week of April 24 while we are traveling. We realize that the LORD may very well be leading us away from this area, but when we got here we really felt this was the place the LORD had been preparing us for. It is frustrating not having a viable ministry here, not having the ways and means to minister to the people we feel most called to. At the very least, this time on the road and in South Dakota will surely be a much needed time of refreshment. Perhaps we will come home with a renewed vision.

Seeking the Kingdom

We are

Arthur and Maryellen Brokop


Blogger Maryellen said...

i've sent out a fleese, asking over 50 email friends to read this post.
the number of hits has gone up from 846 to 859, but there have been no comments...

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Bobbie said...

This was a meaty post.
I actually have been in a place like you described you would like this property to be.
Except it was also a fellowship where they had regular services.
But get this....the services never seemed to end! People walked in and out all hours of the day and night. Some were musicians. There were all kind of ministries going on. Refreshments always on the table for anyone coming in. Along with Bible tracts and Bibles. This property was once a Super market so there was plenty of room.
I could go on and on about this which I think I will in a personal email to you Maryellen.
When the time comes if you need to see about pledges I would pray the Lord would provide $10 for me to contribute once a month for this venture. Whatever the Lord shows you. We'll see what your trip brings forth.

2:46 PM  

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