Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Spring has sprung in Shiprock, New Mexico with a much needed snow fall and a glorious full moon setting over the snow covered mountian. We seem to have been in an Observation and pray. It's been a season of deep sighs which you can read about on Maryellen's blog.
Now we are wondering, what will the next season bring? We continue to watch, and pray, and wonder if a new door will open here in the Four Corners Region, or if the pillar will move, leading us to a new location. North? Further North? West? Back East?
Is our work here really done? Sometimes it seems as if it never really got started.
Some random thoughts...
Maryellen feels in her heart that her work at Tse Bit' Ai is not finished. She has committed the situation to the LORD, ready to move if that is His Will, but she feels very connected to the place where she is currently teaching.
We are not involved with Passion Play International this season, for the first time in 8 years. We really miss it. It was such a big part of our ministry here for so long. Transportation and scheduling issues and certian family situations just got in the way. This year, Art will pray for the cast and crew and audience from a distance. Maryellen might even be able to actually watch the Play all the way through without having to help the kids change costume, or fill in the crowd scenes. Not that she minded. It will just be different this year.
At the end of April we will be going to Annual Conference for Open Bible Standard Churches in South Dakota. Road trip! Pray that the old Toyota will make the trek. Conference has always been a time of blessing for us. Maybe it will help us get a clearer vision of where and how we are supposed to procede.
People keep asking me "where's your church?" That's a good question.
There's an old building, a dilapitated liquor store on the highway between Farmington and Shiprock. Maryellen says, that would make an interesting church. A sort of coffee house, bookstore, trading post, type of Church. Maybe a way to minister to the Invisible people.
I keep hearing about youth type ministries, have even sent out a few feelers, but isn't 50 to old to work with youth? Then again, what better place to invest ones time and the future!
That's what Maryellen's been doing on her job.
It's been 2 years since I worked as a substitute teacher and I still have "kids" come up to me all the time, greeting me with a heartfelt "Mr. Brokop". Some of them are already married with kids. Time goes by.
I'll be taking my grandkids to see Veggie Tale Live on Easter Sunday. That should be a hoot!
Maryellen thought we should post some sort of "update" and here it is. I'm still studying, writing, praying, playing the drums and guitar. I'm working on learning the Navajo flute. One of our sons is currently living with us while he gets his life back in order. The other son has moved to Phoenix. And... to borrow a line from one of our blog friends...that's life, of something close to it.
By the way...feel free to leave a comment, we'd love to hear from you!
Pastor Art


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