Friday, January 13, 2006

A Poem and a Vision of 'the ministry'

I see you

You are not invisible to me.

I see you all

Walking with your head down,

Dragging you feet, wearing out your souls.

I see you

Vacant men walking past Vacant houses

Men of the Land, who don’t seem to care anymore

about the Land around them

Dry, like the Land you are born to

I see you

Making your way into town

For a drink, for a job, for a change

And making your way home again

To the old mother who still cares

To the old grandmother who still prays for you

To be greeted by a long sad sigh and an open door

I want to say, “hold your head up high”

I want to say, “be the brave you were born to be”

I want to say, “I am sorry.”

I want to cook for you, and sing you songs, and tell you stories

Great Stories, Living Stories

I want to give you a hot cup of coffee on a cold night,

With lots of sugar and a dash of hope.

I want to drive you home

To the son that needs you

To the woman that loves you

And I want to say…

Look past the moon, Look past the stars.

Look past the tent meetings and revivals

Seek God!

He is there waiting

He sees you.

Learn to sing His songs

He is calling you.

Believe His stories

He has a plan for you!

All of you. Each of You.

Walking this Land for a Divine purpose.

He is not the White Man’s God

He is every man’s God

He is not the missionary’s God

He is the People’s God

He formed you, He knows you, He sees you.

You are not invisible to Him.
posted by Maryellen Brokop


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