Friday, November 25, 2005

The Holidays - The Feasts

Pastor Art has been working diligently in his research of the topic of the Biblical Feasts. This research began as he prepared a teaching on Solemn Assemblies to be presented to pastors on the Navajo Reservation upon the request of Brother Andrew Begay of Calvary Love Ministries. Hand in hand with this has been a debate on the Sovereignty of God and the Contextualizing of the Gospel. It is always a good thing to delve deeply into the go to the Source. Some of his discoveries appear here on this site, and some appear on Temple Corners (his personal blog). We just celebrated the American Holiday of Thanksgiving. The left over turkey is still in the fridge. But a feast to give thanks is not solely an American tradition. Most cultures have Harvest Festivals of some sort or another. As a Jew, our LORD would have observed the First Fruits Celebration as the offering of the first fruits, an act of faith, was presented in the Temple. To acknowledge that we are dependent on the Mercy of an Almighty Creator and that an abundant harvest is a gift from that Creator is not strickly an American or even Biblical thing, although the practice probably spred to the four corners of the world by the descendents of Noah, who offered a Thanksgiving sacrifice to the LORD, and then became a farmer. (Genesis 9).
I (the pastor's wife) received a "word". I wrote in my own blog that I had a sense that our rest at the crossroads was about to come to an end. I wrote "I feel as if the light is about to turn green, but I still don't know where the road ahead will lead." Two days later, our Pastor was preaching on "the signs of the times" and made the statement that "the light is about to turn green". And once again I turn to Isaiah 60, 61, and 62 as a promise for Gateway of the Rock ministries, take a big breath, and wait (not so patiently) upon the LORD. Shalom!


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