Sunday, July 24, 2005

Wake Up Oh Sleeper

The purpose of this Blog has been to keep the vision of Gateway of The Rock alive.
What is the difference between a vision and a dream (from which we must eventually awake)?
Pastor Art wants to teach. He wants to minister through the Word, through Worship and Prayer with the First Nations Peoples here in the Four Corners Area.
It was my hope, that someone would catch the vision, share the vision, see where we were and where we were hoping to go, and get along side, prayerfully - perhaps even phsyically.
But the Lord says that you can tell a tree by its fruit. And although we have worked hard and prayed hard, seeking first the Kingdom, there seems to be little or no fruit at all.
Not very many people have visited here. It doesn't seem worth the effort.
It is time to wake up and smell the coffee.
Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus and His righteousness...
but one can bang his head against the rock just so long. It is time to wake up.
Perhaps I'll check this site again in September, when things settle down again. If they ever do.
Perhaps we'll get some snail mail in the mean time...the address is in the profile
mail that will say, don't give up Brokops
Perhaps giving up is what we're predestined to do.
Maryellen Brokop
Shiprock, New Mexico


Blogger Chris P. said...

The Lord wasn't talking about the amount of fruit, but He was referring to what kind. The one prerequisite for any tree to produce fruit is, it must survive i.e. live.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Pastor Art said...

new and continued focus on getting published and finding venues where I will be able to teach.

10:12 AM  

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