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Prayer Partners
Where did that phrase come from? I don’t think it mentions Prayer Partners in the Bible. It doesn’t mention networking or para-church organizations either. But in this ‘postmodern’ world we are living in, these terms are very familiar.
If Gateway of the Rock is anything at all, it is a para-church organization that is in partnership, or that networks with other groups, churches, ministries. If Gateway of the Rock grows, it will most likely not grow into a church. This area does not need another church, and we do not feel that the LORD is calling us away from this area.
Right now we are a part of Four Corners Community Church. It is an AOG fellowship on the Navajo Reservation. Being a licensed pastor with Open Bible Standard Churches puts a limit on the involvement that Pastor Art can have in leadership at the Church. He is on the worship team. Plays a mean conga! And has close, prayerful friendships with the senior pastor and worship leader. Maryellen is on the dance team and helps with children’s church.
Reviewing the past eight days demonstrates what Gateway of the Rock is and what it can become.
The worship team of Four Corners Community Church ( is recording a CD ( So Pastor Art has been involved with that. The dance team at FCCC joined with another dance team to open a woman’s conference Thursday morning and Friday evening, and there were rehearsals involved.
Then there was the fund raising effort for Passion Play Ministries International. (
We’ve been involved with The Passion Play of the Four Corners ever since we’ve been in this area. When we were a “church” our whole congregation was involved. One of the most exciting aspects of the Passion Play is that for about 3 months Unity in the body of Christ is a reality. It is not put on by any one church. It is not performed in a church. The cast and crew this year represented no less than 30 area churches. We had Baptists, AOG, Nazarene, Catholic, Methodist, and nondenominational. Several pastors were involved. Our cast ranged in age from one year old to 80. For 12 weeks they came to rehearsals 2 nights a week from five different nearby towns. They worshiped together, prayed together and worked together to proclaim through drama the greatest story ever told. Seven performances in the Civic Center of Farmington New Mexico for thousands of people from the Four Corners area, at no charge. And similar performances were done in Las Vegas, Denver, South Africa, India etc. But the cast and crew are all members of local churches in those communities. Passion Play sends out support teams that help translate the script, provide assistance with costume, sets and staging. And then once the support team leaves, the play continues to share the good news and build disciples for years to come. Art has been local prayer coordinator, Maryellen has been children block leader, and as we said, our “church” has been in the cast and crew for years. Helping this organization raise funds for its continued overseas ministries is an honor and privilege. Art provided prayer coverage and support through out the telephon and Maryellen answered phones. It is a joy to spend time with the Passion Play family.
June 18th is the officially proclaimed Navajo Nation Day of Prayer. It was set aside in 2001 by the then President of the Navajo Nation, Kelsey Begaye. It was a result of monthy prayer meetings the President held in his home during his term, to which Pastor Art was invited and in which he faithfully participated. The head of these prayer efforts is Brother Anderw Begaye, of Calvary Love ministries. Gateway of the Rock has been a co-sponser of this event for the past 3 years. This year we were busy spreading the word, helped set up, lead, and tear down. The event is held at the Veterns park in Window Rock, the capital city of the Navajo Reservation. We are happy to work for and worship with Brother Begaye. He had tee shirts this year. $10 each. We’re not into selling things, but there were a bunch left over, incase anyone is interested. Art has been careful not to be “the white guy in charge”. He and Maryellen are part of the steering committee for next year’s event. It is shaping up to be a call to the Navajo Nation to come together in a Solemn Assembly of prayer to break down the strongholds that have kept all but 7% of the Navajo population from coming to Christ.
Today, Monday the 20th of June, we will be going into Farmington to pray with St. John’s Episcopal Church for the Four Corners Community. It is a church in crisis, because the leadership is in rebellion against the current issues of homosexuality etc. There may be a split, and they may loose their building. But that is not the main focus of the prayer.
Eight days of ministry. Eight days of Kingdom business. Eight days of partnership, networking, praying and worshiping. Still, how is this Gateway of the Rock? How is this a ministry of Open Bible Standard Churches? And what of the vision? What of the future? In His time, according to His will and purposes.
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Maryellen Brokop
Gateway of the Rock Ministries
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