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The Beginning

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A Study in Foundations
A couple of weeks back Maryellen “assigned” me a weekly sermon type entry for Gateway of the Rock. This she did because I am not preaching each week and knows that the use it or loose it principle could cause rust to cover the metal of my life - my work.
With that in mind let us walk together through the beginnings, the foundations.
Over the years I have come to understand that grasping the understanding of the opening chapters of The Creator’s heart and mind develops insights and wisdom beyond the conventional. Many of the questions swirling around society and the micro - chasm of Blogdom would dissipate if Christendom would embrace Paul’s admonition to, “…Not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mid,” Romans 12:2a. This means vernacularly being out of step, marching to the beat of a different drummer or heaven forbid, “Men of whom the world was not worthy” Hebrews 11:38.
Over the 2 millennia since Paul’s admonition this bit of Scripture has been quoted as proof text for any number of ideals and causes. However, as I apply this at the opening of this study I keep in mind that I as well could be guilty. Moreover, as a convert to Christianity (as all of us are) out of a world - view quite antagonistic to a Biblical world - view I have never been the “blind faith” type, I am always looking for the wet side of the sheep skin. For those who have read posts of the past either here or on

“Temple Corners” ( I have written about while studying the different aspects of Theology an inconsistency between science and Christian origins made itself evident to me, see “Propaganda?!”.
This task although turning to evidences from science, is not a polemic of science verses Spirit. I happen to have come to the conclusion that science reveals Yahweh’s person and purpose. Moreover, “science” that contradicts Scripture originates pre - determined pre - judged position and I have come to identify as “Lucifereion”. The reasoning behind this, any scheme that turns man to a salvation other then Christ comes from a lie and who is the “Father of Lies”? Our only choices are “intelligent design” or “natural generation” of some type. But we are not researching scientific foundations but Biblical foundations. Straying away from the point here is only so no one can think that I do not know of the dynamics of this. Am I a scientist? No! But I trust scientists.
In The Beginning…
With that said let us drop into an eye witness account of how we got here.
The first three chapters profoundly set the parameters. What we know as “The World” has a purposed pattern with a plan. This plan referred to often as “God’s predestined plan” or “foreknowledge” becomes defined out of this account, His account!
The primary opening concept, “In the beginning God created…” sets our parameters defining the context of the following account. This statement informs the receiver of this, either hearer - as an oral account/storytelling or reader, of the setting of this information. The setting defines reality. Like predetermined patterns that become expected in a story about the European Middle Ages. If we add an airplane crash landing during vespers in the courtyard of the Monastery the parameters of expectation change. This introduction changes the setting from historical based to fantasy of fiction of some type. But we no longer have an unadulterated account of the European Middle Ages!
This holds true for Scripture as well. The writer closes the infinite possibilities real or imagined with His opening statement, “In the beginning God created…”. Defining the forthcoming account in this way tells us what? The words say; when nothing else existed God out of nothing - Theologically speaking - Ex Nihilo, created the substance. Ba^ra^' as opposed to ya^tsar is used here. TWOT Moody Press Harris, Archer, Waltke 1980, VOL I page 127, says, “The root ba^ra^' has the basic meaning ‘to create’ . It differs from ya^tsar ‘ to fashion’ in that the latter primarily emphasizes the shaping of an object while ba^ra^' emphasizes the initiation of an object”. To be sure there is debate over this however, it seems to me this debate derives from an intention to establish an argument leaning toward some form of the gap theory that allows naturalistic organs to be synchronized into the Biblical account accommodating “Lucifereion Science”.
Before delving into detailed exegesis next time let me conclude with this overview. The foundation given us depicts a perfect very good material world. Those “created” as the Creator’s image and stewards complete and “good”. Creation comes forth not as an apendage or some discharge from a “god” or some other preexisting stuff-ooze but from nothingness separate from the substance of the Creator - God. This picture depects Holyness; a separation, a distinction, dissimilarity, from the created and the Creator - Yahweh. Intelligent design/Creation and Evalutional origins; natural or some spiritual form accommodating religion, any religion, contrast even stand in conflect with one another. What implications does inerrent truth reveal when applied to this setting? In the same way as the airplaine droped into the Middle Ages does synchronized theories of Origins change everything? Can the Cross alone save us if we are “evolving” from primitive to increasing perfection? Can a “Christian” weave together Ex-Nihilo creation and any derivative form of Macro-evolution and still be one?
More next time
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