Friday, May 06, 2005

Praying with the Family of God

Pastor Art, prayer warrior!
Gateway of the Rock, a name and a dream.
Visions and Prophecies and waiting.
Not so patiently.
And so we pray.
We pray with our church family. We are not leaders there. Pastor Art plays drums on the worship team. Maryellen dances with the dance team. The pastor, our pastor, preaches from the Word and from the Heart. But it is not Gateway of the Rock.
We pray with Father Carl and his prayer team at St. John's Episcopal Church. We go there every Christmas eve for midnight mass, and have gone to Taize worship services there. Father Carl is a friend, a brother in the LORD. He is struggling now because of the serious problems in his denomination that are sure to lead to a split. So we pray for him, and we pray with him, and his prayer team for our community, the Four Corners Community - Farmington, Shiprock and beyond. But that's not Gateway of the Rock.
On Thursdays, some Thursdays when our schedule permits, we pray with the "down and outers" at the LORD's Pantry, a food cupboard in a church called The Oasis. We sit down with the "Clients" and we pray for them, with them. They are people in crisis and the prayers are urgent. We think that our community needs a place to shelter and disciple these people. That they need more than just once a week. They need more than just food and clothes. Maybe someday that will be Gateway of the Rock. The prophesies said we'd restore ruins, and preach good news to the poor and bind up the broken hearted. Isaiah 58 and 61. But for now, we pray.
This week we prayed with many fellow believers, in the warm New Mexican sun, with a gentle Holy Spirit breeze blowing. We prayed with our church, and the Reformed Church, and the United Methodist church, and several others. We prayed for the USA (it was after all the National Day of Prayer) and we prayed for the Navajo Nation because that is the community that we live in. We worshiped together, with electric guitars, and lots of drums, and chorus's and hymns. We prayed together, Navajo, Ute, Hopi, Apache, Hispanic, and Anglo. And on the list of participating pastors was, Pastor Art Brokop - Gateway of the Rock Ministries.
Right now we are praying that the impossible is possible. We pray that the promise and the prophesies made over us and our ministry are actually coming to fruit. We pray for a friend and sister named Sussan.
"Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness..."
We carry a burden for our family, for our sons, for our personal situation which is very hard...
yet that is not Gateway of The Rock. God says that He has our personal problems all under control, even if it doesn't seem that way. God says seek to go about Kingdom Business.
So we pray,
LORD, let Gateway of the Rock be a living, vibrant ministry, to the glory of your Name...soon and very soon...Yes and Amen
Yes and Amen


Blogger Maryellen said...

Sussan has gone on to meet the LORD. She will be remembered and honored for her vision and her faithfulness. She is at peace!

3:40 PM  

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