Sunday, May 15, 2005


True Emergence - Seed of Faith
From the Ancient Crop in Cleared Ground
What is the task of ‘The Church’ - of ‘Ministry’? The answer appears repetitively throughout Scripture. One of the most direct descriptions is as follows;
‘Clear a way for Yahweh in the wilderness;
Make smooth in the desert a highway for our God’
Isaiah 40:3
Isaiah declared this John the Mikva man (the baptiser) took up His mantle. Jesus later preached about the Kingdom. Many in our day are throwing off mantles; inherited anointing from men of ‘old’ who following the Holy Spirit spoke the Kingdom into the Body of Christ. Being alive does mean change and betterment (if that is a word) except today’s concept is more in line with the Karl Marx then the Creator of the universe.
With anger, with disbelief, and confusion you reading this are saying just what does this crazy man mean? Ponder a minute or two or more if need be the process going on today within the ‘ Western Church’.
Most everyone understands that as we stand at this point in history a stagnant pond or rotting corpse better typifies who we have become.
Have you flipped through a catalog of available renewal - or revival books lately or the general reading from the latest teacher? Let’s see, we need a purpose, there are authority figures giving us lists on how to be, better at this and that, or successful habits ‘guaranteed’ to enhance your life your church or just about anything your little heart desires.
Just how does this reflect Karl Marx? He is known for making practical the ideas of changing people and eventually social structures from how they are to what we deem them to be through the ‘dialectic process’.
The concept goes like this: first we state the condition currently understood ‘thesis’. Then, spokesmen perceived as authorities, explain why the state of existence is detrimental and provides the picture of how the change will benefit the listener -‘the antithesis’ Then through some process the ‘old’ most be thrown off and the ‘new’ must be embraced, synthesis. [Now mind you this outline reflects a simplified pattern but a pattern just the same.]
Jeremiah speaking to Israel a nation a people given the revelation of the Creator and His heart and mind for their reason for existence proclaims to them while they were in the same type of predicament as we are today says, ‘Stand by the good ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and you will find rest for your souls.’ Jeremiah 6:16. This directive stands in contradiction to today’s pattern of change imposed upon the ‘Church’ in our day.
Correction in the Body of Christ is needed. Yes! How should this correction take place?
First we need to throw off what encumbers us. Paul calls this sin. After that the pattern from Scripture, ‘Clear the way, stand by the ancient way, proclaim His Kingdom’. Nowhere in the teachings of Scripture emerges a mandate to alter existing conditions through casting aside the old. In fact as we have read the direction leans toward recapturing, reestablishing, and instructing the current confused people the ancient ways.
Unless I am totally daft a tender shoot emerging out of cleared prepared ground planted from the old crop best describes Kingdom principals of correction and the true emergent church!!
This is the goal of Gateway of The Rock ministries.
Pastor Art


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